Ciriaco Piccirillo, PhD

Primary Axis: 
Infection and Immunity
Research Focus: 

Research efforts are focused on the investigation of the immune regulation of autoimmune and infectious diseases mediated by CD4+CD25+ regulatory T (Treg) cells. CD4+CD25+ Treg cells represent a unique subset of peripheral CD4+ T cells mediating peripheral immunological tolerance. The laboratory uses an array of experimental approaches including cell and molecular biology, imaging, proteomics, genomics, animal models and clinical research to understand the mechanisms by which CD4+CD25+ Treg cells dampen inflammation and immune function. This research may lead to the development of novel therapeutic strategies to manipulate T cell regulatory activity in autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Immunology, autoimmune diseases, infectious disease, diabetes, regulatory T cells, immunosuppression, imaging, proteomics, genomics.
Duff Medical Building
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