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MUHC completes first patient move for 2015
January 25, 2015 | Long-term respiratory care program moves to Camille-Lefebvre Pavilion [Read more]

Blame it on your brain: salt and hypertension
January 22, 2015 | Study sheds new light on link between salt intake and blood pressure [Read more]

Genetic discovery about childhood blindness paves the way for new treatments
January 19, 2015 | Comparing 11 year old Naomi Lalandec genome to others with OMS and Leber congenital amaurosis (LCA) uncovered a new gene that is critical for vision. [Read more]

January 18 to 24, 2015 is Québec Tobacco-Free Week
January 18, 2015 | That’s it, I am never going to smoke again—Journey to a smoke-free life with help from MUHC IMPACT program [Read more]