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Construction Crews Move Onto Glen
Watch the progress! Cameras have been installed on the site with a continuous update of the construction process linked to the MUHC Web site
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Road work at the Glen Campus
The guiding principle of this plan is to adequately serve the hospital while limiting the impact on the municipal road system
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Modernization of the Mountain Campus
The goal of this work is to create welcoming, healing environments and that emphasize a special place for families along with natural light and green space
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Renovation of the Lachine Campus
Upgrades at the Lachine Campus are on track: the Clinical Plan and the Functional and Technical Program are being finalized
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Information for our neighbours
While our hospitals are under construction, we would like to update you on what is happening at and around our campuses
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Information for contractors and equipment
On this page, you will find information pertinent to your enterprise along with invitations to our activities
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