A project in the works since 1997

For more than one and a half centuries, MUHC hospitals have been providing the best possible care to the community. In 1997, their individual dedication coalesced into a unified commitment through a voluntary merger. The vision at the time was of a modern teaching hospital where consolidated activities and resources would benefit our patients, staff, students and the Quebecers we serve.

Since then, the MUHC has given life to its vision of patient-centered care by committing $2.2 billion to its Redevelopment Project that will spur the Glen, Mountain and Lachine campuses to reach new heights in patient care, research and teaching.

A short history of a major project

1997: The founding hospitals merge to create the MUHC.
1998: The Quebec government approves the purchase of the old Glen marshalling yard.
2000: The MUHC holds multiple meetings with community representatives to get its project started.
2001: The Government acquires the Glen Yard.
2003: The Government asks the MUHC to keep a site in the downtown area; the Montreal General Hospital is chosen, as it has a level-one trauma care centre.
2004: The MUHC signs a partnership agreement with the Inter-Neighbourhood Coalition to ensure that the Glen Campus is developed in keeping with the well-being of the community.
The Mulroney-Johnson Commission gives the government a positive recommendation regarding the MUHC Redevelopment Project.
2005: The MUHC presents the Glen Campus project to the community through public consultations.
The MUHC begins the environmental remediation of the Glen Campus.
2006: The MUHC completes the environmental remediation of the Glen Campus.
The MUHC hires master teams to help it carry out the Redevelopment Project.
The Government chooses the public-private partnership model (PPP) for the Glen Campus and the conventional approach for the Mountain Campus.
2007: The MUHC qualifies two consortia for the PPP process at the Glen Campus.
The MUHC and the City of Montreal sign an agreement for the infrastructure work at the Glen Campus.
The MUHC hires St. Clair Armitage, a PPP specialist from England, as manager of the PPP project.
The Ministry of Transport completes the construction of the Addington exit ramp for the Glen Campus.
2008: The Lachine Hospital joins the MUHC; after facility upgrades, it will become the Lachine Campus as part of the Redevelopment Project.
The MUHC presents the Mountain Campus project to the community through public consultations.
The City of Montreal approves the zoning change for the Mountain Campus.
The Government approves the MUHC’s Clinical Plan.
The Research Institute of the MUHC receives a $100 million grant to build research facilities at the Glen Campus, which is supplemented by $100 million from the Quebec government and $50 million from donors.
The MUHC launches its call for proposals to the qualified consortiums as part of the Glen Campus PPP.
2009: The MUHC continues the PPP selection process.
The MUHC and the City of Montreal begin road work near the Glen Campus.