The Ideal Patient Room

Room for privacy. Room for family. Room to breathe. Room to heal.

With the well-being of our patients and families always in mind, the MUHC decided to make private rooms a key element of its new facilities. Patients at all three of our campuses will have their own rooms where natural light, a comfortable family area, and a private bathroom will contribute to the healing of both body and mind.

Why private rooms?

  • To ensure privacy and confidentiality
  • To give patients a sense of control
  • To limit the spread of infections
  • To allow loved ones to participate in treatment
  • To help staff in their work thanks to ergonomic designs

Research shows that a patient’s environment greatly influences the speed of recovery. It has also been demonstrated that natural light, comforting colours, and the presence of art and positive distractions such as TV and the Internet reduce stress and promote healing.

Individual rooms also provide enough space for medical equipment to be wheeled in beside beds, meaning that patients can stay in their rooms for routine exams, treatments or tests.

Taz Communications

The ideal patient room will indeed become a reality at the new MUHC—because patients are our number one priority.

The ideal patient room: an essential part of quality health care