High-tech assistance for remote patients, and Quebec's announcement that it will fund IVF - HealthBeat radio

‘Virtual visits’ to respiratory patients, In vitro fertilization funding, and the Sarah Cooke Fund

July 18, 2010 (from CJAD radio)

Televisit – Rita Troini, Director of the National Program for Home Ventilatory Assistance (NPHVA), talks about the new high-tech system that allows healthcare workers to pay ‘virtual visits’ to patients in remote areas.

      In vitro fertilization funding - Dr. Henry Malter, Executive Director, McGill Reporductive Centre, and Francine Belisle, Nurse Manager, talk about Quebec's announcement that it will fund IVF.

Sarah Cook Fund – Sarah Cook, Founder of the Sarah Cooke Fund, talks about starting the fund when she was eight years old after her own battle with cancer, and how far it's come.