David Siscoe explains holiday anxiety and weight-gain, Dr Brown on the frequency of Pap tests, and The Cancer Rehabilitation Unit - HealthBeat Radio

Nutrition and fitness during the holidays, Pap tests, Cancer and rehabilitation, Stem cell transplants, Alexia and Anthony Calvillo donate.

December 27, 2009  (from CJAD Radio)

1  Staying Fit Over the Holidays, With or Without a Gym – David Siscoe, Siscoe Gym: the anxiety/fear that people get concerning gaining weight gain over the holidays is what contributes to their weight gain

   2    3  Pap tests – Dr. Richard Brown, a physician with the Department of Gynecology and Obstetrics at the MUHC, looks at how many Pap smears women really need.

  4    5   Staying Healthy After Cancer - Soibhan Carney, Head Pivot Nurse, Cancer Nutrition and Rehabilitation Centre

   6  Stem Cell Transplants – Dr. Pierre Laneuville, hematologist and Head of Stem Cell Transplant at the MUHC, discusses new research using mismatched stem cells

   7  Alexia and Anthony Calvillo talk about donating funds for a new family room at the Montreal General Hospital after they both survived cancer.